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Dependable Car Movers

Moving? Changing jobs? Child off to college? At Parkway Auto Transport, we know how difficult moving you or your family can be without having to worry about getting your car to where it needs to be. Parkway Auto Transport offers a variety of schedules and primary routes to and from Minnesota, Florida, Arizona, California and most states in between.

Whether you have one family car to move or a whole classic collection, you can count on Parkway to make sure your vehicles arrive at your new location in the same condition they were in when they left.  Read our testimonials to see what past customers say about our service.

If you have further questions or you need to know what types of vehicles we can move, see “About Us” and “FAQ”. 

How Much Does Moving the Car Cost?

Moving a car depends on many things such as distance, make/model, weight of the vehicle, and whether enclosed transport is required.  Request a car moving quote or call 800-626-4587 to learn more. 

What Can I Move in My Car?

Nothing can be transported in the passenger compartment of the vehicle (front and back seats) or in the open bed of a pick-up truck. Cars with personal items in the interior will not be loaded. Our primary goal is the safe delivery of you car however, your trunk can be filled with items that do not exceed 200 lbs. These items must be loaded by you and are not covered for damage or theft. Naturally it is forbidden to transport any illegal, flammable or similar hazardous materials. 

What about Insurance?

All Parkway Auto Transport carriers are government licensed and insured at no additional cost to you.
Parkway Auto Transport is not a broker; we own our own trucks. We have affiliations with reputable and experienced car moving brokers and can help you even if your move is outside of our primary routes.

Call 1-800-626-4587 and speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives.
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