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Parkway Auto Transport is proud to announce we now offer enclosed transport going to Florida and the West Coast states (AZ, CA) on all Premier Enclosed dates.  You may view applicable dates by visiting the Routes and Schedules page. 

We recently relocated to the West Coast from MN and had a horrendous experience with the car transport company that was to provide relocation assistance for our 2 vehicles. Calls went unanswered, agreed to dates were missed by almost 4 weeks, and when the cars were picked up at the MN location, the driver we met with had no forms for us to sign or any way to assess condition of cars and said he was only instructed to pick up the cars. We later found that by calling the St. Paul police that the cars had sat at a towing company’s lot for almost 7 days!
We were fortunate enough to find Parkway Auto Transport, who without them, we are not sure if our cars would ever have arrived. Bev and Gillian were so understanding of our dilemma and offered support and guidance, but most importantly…they communicated and got our cars delivered to our new home. They were the best with providing a positive end result and the most one could ever hope for with follow-up and excellent customer service!
We have reached out to all of our realtor friends and to relocation advisers we know to tell them to call Parkway for any future auto transport assistance they may need.
Pat Dowell